Trade Policy, Inclusiveness and the Rise of the Service Economy

Co-organized with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization

WTO Secretariat
Centre William Rappard
Geneva, Switzerland

Call for Papers (PDF)


  • Over the past two decades, services have been the fastest growing segment of global trade, employment and output. The rise of the service economy has fundamentally altered the economic landscape across the world, and is likely to play a key part in shaping the global economy in the future.

    As a result, services have rapidly moved up trade policy agendas worldwide. In fact, since 2006 77% of all signed preferential trade agreements included substantive services provisions, up from only 16% in the 1990s.

    The unprecedented prominence of services in global trade offers challenges and opportunities that are yet to be sufficiently understood. The analytical void underlying this phenomenon risks resulting in important misalignments between the implementation of trade policy frameworks and the global agenda for inclusive growth.

    Against this backdrop, the Council on Economic Policies, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization are organizing a workshop on 25-26 April, 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, on policy relevant aspects of the links between trade in services and inclusive growth. Papers presented in the workshop will be considered for an expedited review process for a Review of International Economics special issue to be published in 2019.


    We particularly encourage the submission of unpublished empirical work that uses new datasets or exploits policy experiments in a novel and informative way. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    • What is the effect of services trade on inclusive growth and structural transformation? Is trade in services a promising development strategy for developing economies?
    • How does services trade affect employment, income and gender inequality, quality of and access to service delivery, and innovation?
    • What are key determinants of and barriers to services trade? To what extent have trade agreements reduced them?
    • What policies are needed to increase services trade opportunities for inclusive growth?

  • Tuesday, 25 April 2018
    Opening and Research Sessions (Room F)
    08.30-9.00Arrival & Registration
    09.00-09.15Welcoming Remarks
    Session I: Services in International Trade
    Chair: Johannes Schwarzer, CEP
    09.15-10.00The Interconnections between Services and Goods Trade at the Firm-Level

    Andrea Ariu, LMU Munich
    Holger Breinlich, University of Surrey
    Gregory Corcos, Ecole Polytechnique
    Giordano Mion, University of Sussex

    Cosimo Beverelli, WTO
    10.00-10.45Services Development and Comparative Advantage in Manufacturing

    Xuepeng Liu, Kennesaw State University
    Aaditya Mattoo, World Bank
    Zhi Wang, US International Trade Commission
    Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University

    Discussant: Roberta Piermartini, WTO
    10.45-11.15Coffee Break
    11.15-12.00Serving Abroad: Export, M&A, and Greenfield Investment

    Francesco Paolo Conteduca, University of Mannheim
    Ekaterina Kazakova, University of Mannheim

    Discussant: Maria C. Latorre, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
    Session II: The Effects of Services Trade
    Chair: Stela Rubinova, WTO
    12.00-12.45Winners and Losers of Service Offshoring: Worker and Firm Level Evidence

    Andrea Ariu, LMU Munich
    Katariina Nilsson Hakkala, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
    J. Bradford Jensen, Georgetown University
    Saara Tamminen, VATT Institute for Economic Research

    Discussant: Emmanuel Milet, University of Geneva
    14.00-14.45Import Competition in Services: Firm Survival, Firm Growth and Implied Changes in Employment

    Elisabeth Christen, Austrian Instute of Economic Research
    Michael Pfaffermayr, University of Innsbruck
    Yvonne Wolfmayr, Austrian Institute of Economic Research

    Discussant: Angelo Martelli, London School of Economics
    14.45-15.30Did the Rise of Service Off-shoring and IT-Boom Change India’s Economic Landscape?

    Devaki Ghose, University of Virginia

    Discussant: Marco Fugazza, UNCTAD
    15.30-16.00Coffee Break
    Public Lecture (Room D)
    16.00–17.00Services Globalization in an Age of Insecurity: Rethinking Trade Cooperation

    Introduction: Marc Bacchetta, WTO

    Aaditya Mattoo
    Research Manager, Trade and integration, World Bank

    Chair: Chris Papageorgiou, IMF
    Policy Panel (Room D)
    17.00-18.30Services Trade Negotiations for Inclusive Development: A Policy Agenda

    Jane Kelsey
    Professor of Law, University of Auckland

    Hamid Mamdouh
    Senior Counsel at King & Spalding LLP

    Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås
    Senior Economist, Trade and Agriculture, OECD

    Joakim Reiter

    Chair: Johannes Schwarzer, CEP
    Monday, 26 April 2018
    Research Sessions (Room F)
    Session III: The Effects of Services Trade Policy
    Chair: Victor Stolzenburg, WTO
    09.15-10.00Do Restrictions on Data Flows Inhibit Trade in Services?

    Martina Francesca Ferracane, ECIPE
    Erik van der Marel, ECIPE

    Discussant: Lee Tuthill, WTO
    10.00-10.45Firm heterogeneity in services trade: micro-level evidence from eight OECD countries

    Sebastian Benz, OECD
    Dorothée Rouzet, OECD
    Francesca Spinelli, OECD

    Discussant: Davide Rigo, Graduate Institute
    10.45-11.15Coffee Break
    11.15-12.00The value of market access and national treatment commitments in services trade agreements

    Philipp Lamprecht, ECIPE
    Sebastien Miroudot, OECD

    Discussant: Juan Marchetti, WTO
    Session IV: Methods and Data
    Chair: Marc Bacchetta, WTO
    12.00-12.45Dark Costs, Missing Data: Shedding Some Light on Services Trade

    James E. Anderson, Boston College
    Ingo Borchert, University of Sussex
    Aaditya Mattoo, World Bank
    Yoto V. Yotov, Drexel University

    Discussant: Eddy Bekkers, WTO
    Measuring Services Data Flows
    14.00-14.30World Trade in Services: Evidence from A New Dataset

    Prakash Loungani, IMF
    Saurabh Mishra, World Bank
    Chris Papageorgiou, IMF
    Ke Wang, IMF
    14.30-15.00Services Trade by Modes of Supply

    Andreas Maurer, WTO
    Measuring Barriers to Trade in Services
    15.00-15.30New Database on Measures affecting Services Trade

    Joscelyn Magdeleine, WTO
    15.30-16.00Regulatory Barriers to Trade in Services: A New Database and Composite Indices

    Sebastian Benz, OECD
    Janos Ferencz, OECD
    Hildegunn Kyvik Nordas, OECD
    Closing Session (Room F)
    16.00-16.30Trade Policy, Inclusion and the Rise of the Services Economy: A Research Agenda

    Chair: Bob Koopman, WTO

    • Peter Egger, ETH Zurich
    • Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard University
    • Bernard Hoekman, European University Institute
    • Bob Koopman, World Trade Organization
    • Aaditya Mattoo, World Bank
    • Margaret McMillan, Tufts University
    • Chris Papageorgiou, International Monetary Fund
    • Johannes Schwarzer, Council on Economic Policies