Contributor: Stephen Boucher

Green Economy – Beware of Merchants of Doubt

| 17 April 2013
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Green Growth, Subsidies
Those who oppose change involving powerful economic sectors have long ago found an effective tactic: instilling doubt in the guise of reasonable arguments. A recent manifestation of this tactic is the claim that so-called ‘green jobs’ are too expensive and in fact destroy “real” jobs. ... continue reading

Europe’s fiscal blind spot

| 23 October 2012
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Carbon Taxes, Climate, Taxes
Smarter taxes on energy and emissions to reduce public deficits As European governments desperately try to plug public deficits, restore competitiveness, employment and growth, the tendency would seem to be towards less environmental policies. What if more environmental protection and putting a price on pollution ... continue reading

EU think tanks: Thinking us through the crisis?

| 14 June 2012
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Policymakers should pay more attention to research institutes and think tanks should improve their ability to publicise their ideas. When the Greenlining Institute met in 2004 with Alan Greenspan to alert him about the impending subprime-mortgage crisis and urging him to press lenders for a ... continue reading