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To Advance Trade Policy, Strengthen the Role of Parliaments

| 5 July 2024
Trade, Blog | Tags: Parliaments, Trade Agreements
In trade policy, parliaments generally play a lesser or even inexistent role. Strengthening their involvement can advance trade policymaking and help better align it with the public interest. This enhanced role should span the whole policy process. ... continue reading

The Role of the Zambian Legislature in Tax Expenditure Policy

| 2 April 2024
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Parliaments, Tax Expenditures, Zambia
The Zambian Government annually presents the National Budget, including tax measures and some incentives, to the National Assembly. In addition to TEs granted through budget policy, other incentives are granted through various government institutions... ... continue reading

Rationalizing the Use of Tax Expenditures – The Role of Parliamentarians

| 31 January 2024
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Parliaments, Tax Expenditures
The role of parliaments is vital with regard to the monitoring and control of tax expenditures, both as part of the regular budget cycle and ad hoc, if required. ... continue reading

Advancing Scrutiny: 55 Year of Tax Expenditures Reporting in the United States

| 14 December 2023
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Parliaments, Tax Expenditures, United States
The normal baseline currently used to define tax expenditures by the US Treasury remains fairly close to an economic measure of income, but with some differences. Tax expenditures include employee fringe benefits and imputed income on rents on owner-occupied housing, but not free financial services. ... continue reading

Taming the Use of Tax Expenditures. Evidence From The Netherlands

| 1 November 2023
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Parliaments, Tax Expenditures, The Netherlands
This summer, the Dutch finance ministry published a report on the effectiveness of the country's tax expenditures[1]. The verdict on the myriad of deductions, exemptions and further benefits channelled through the tax system was harsh. ... continue reading