Contributor: Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås

Services in the India-EU Free Trade Agreement

| 30 October 2023
Trade, Working Papers | Tags: Export, Services Trade, Telecommunications
EU and India have common objectives to lead the digital transition in an inclusive and sustainable manner while safeguarding privacy, security and competition. ... continue reading

The Case for International Digital Standards for Interoperability of Trade in Digital Services

, , , and | 4 August 2023
Policy Briefs, Trade | Tags: Data Security, Digital Economy, International Standards, Services Trade
Divergences in standards add compliance costs and limit the ability of businesses, especially micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, to connect across borders and reap the benefits from scale and access to technology. ... continue reading

Services in the India-EU Free Trade Agreement

| 18 April 2023
Policy Briefs, Trade | Tags: EU, India, Services Trade
EU and India are both committed to the global trading system, and both are concerned with making the digital and green transition work for all. ... continue reading

The Digital Transition of Services: Getting Regulation Right From the Start

| 9 March 2023
Blog, Trade | Tags: Competition, Digital Economy, Innovation, Privacy, Services Trade
The digital transition and the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in services are blurring the boundaries of both occupations and sectors. At the same time, new or rekindled trade-offs between different regulatory objectives arise, transgressing sectoral and occupational boundaries as we know them. Services regulations, ... continue reading

Trade in Marine Debris Collection Services

and | 15 December 2022
Policy Briefs, Trade | Tags: Biodiversity Risk, Environmental Services, Services Trade
The economic costs of marine debris to the APEC region are high. It is critical to remove restrictions on trade, investment and the temporary movement of people needed to engage in debris clean-up services. APEC Ministers have noted how environmental services are important to prevent, ... continue reading