Contributor: Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås

Technical Standards in Services and Trade Governance

| 8 May 2024
Trade, Blog | Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, International Standards, Services Trade, Trade Governance
Standards can potentially resolve the trade-off between regulatory certainty and space for innovation, provided they are recognized and accepted by law enforcement bodies. ... continue reading

Governing AI for Humanity: Thoughts on the UN AI Advisory Body Interim Report

| 8 April 2024
Trade, Blog | Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Data Governance, Innovation
The awesome capabilities of AI applications have raised deep concerns about the future of work, democracy and even humanity itself - and a sense of urgency for establishing effective governance at all levels and use cases. ... continue reading

Why a Deal in the WTO Negotiations on E-Commerce is a “Must-Have” for MC13

and | 13 February 2024
Trade, Blog | Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, WTO
The internet is fundamentally dependent on openness to cross-border data flows. But many governments are regulating to constrain international data transfers - including under a banner of data sovereignty. ... continue reading

Services in the India-EU Free Trade Agreement

| 30 October 2023
Trade, Working Papers | Tags: EU, India, Services Trade, Telecommunications, Trade Agreements
EU and India have common objectives to lead the digital transition in an inclusive and sustainable manner while safeguarding privacy, security and competition. ... continue reading

The Case for International Digital Standards for Interoperability of Trade in Digital Services

, , , and | 4 August 2023
Trade, Policy Briefs | Tags: Data Governance, Digital Economy, International Standards, Services Trade
Divergences in standards add compliance costs and limit the ability of businesses, especially micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, to connect across borders and reap the benefits from scale and access to technology. ... continue reading