Contributor: Lucas Millan

The Global Tax Expenditures Transparency Index Companion Paper

, , and | 3 November 2023
Fiscal, Discussion Notes | Tags: GTED, GTETI, Tax Expenditures
The GTETI Companion Paper describes the 5 dimensions and 25 indicators that make up the recently launched index, together with the scope and methodology used. ... continue reading

CEP and IDOS Release New Data-Driven Insights on Tax Expenditures

, , and | 2 November 2023
Fiscal, News | Tags: GTED, GTETI, Tax Expenditures
Governments continue to forgo trillions of dollars in tax revenues with a level of opacity that is striking. More than half of the countries worldwide still do not report at all on the costs of tax deductions, exemptions, and other benefits. ... continue reading