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Why a Deal in the WTO Negotiations on E-Commerce is a “Must-Have” for MC13

and | 13 February 2024
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The internet is fundamentally dependent on openness to cross-border data flows. But many governments are regulating to constrain international data transfers - including under a banner of data sovereignty. ... continue reading

Trade and the Environment: Focus on the Goals!

| 12 August 2022
Trade, Blog | Tags: Environment, WTO
Environmental concerns are moving up the trade policy agenda both in the WTO and regional trade agreements where countries discuss liberalizing trade in environmental goods and services. A first step is to agree on a definition of environmental goods and services. However, discussions have been ... continue reading

Fostering Global Cooperation

| 10 June 2022
Trade, Blog | Tags: Climate Change, Digital Governance, Trade Governance, WTO
As the world enters 2022, the global trading system seems to be stuck in a deep crisis: the trade war between the US and China continues into another year with most of the additional tariffs staying in place and the only things missing are the ... continue reading

Cross-border Movement of People and Its Critical Role for Services Trade

and | 28 February 2022
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The importance of cross-border movement of people for services trade and the functioning of global value chains has been amply demonstrated during the COVID-19 crisis. While in normal times – and during the financial crisis in 2008 – services trade has been less volatile than ... continue reading

The WTO is Back in Business?

| 10 December 2021
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The building on Lake Geneva which houses the WTO stands as the symbol of the multilateral trading system and the bastion of global non-discrimination in trade governance. Meetings held under WTO auspices, whether physical or virtual, attract global participation by all trading partners. No other ... continue reading