Contributor: Peter Knaack

Inclusive Green Finance: a New Agenda for Central Banks and Financial Supervisors

and | 23 June 2023
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Financial Inclusion, Green Finance
Through an integrated inclusive green finance (IGF) approach, central banks and financial supervisors can enable a just transition to an environmentally sustainable economy and avoid potential adverse effects on economically vulnerable groups. ... continue reading

Driving Digital Transformation – Lessons from Seven Developing Countries

, , and | 27 April 2023
Books | Tags: Development, Digital Economy
The book opens a window into the real, messy world of policy innovation, dialogue, consensus building, and implementation. ... continue reading

Global Financial Networked Governance – The Power of the Financial Stability Board and its Limits

| 27 March 2023
Books | Tags: Finance Stability, Governing Finance
Peter Knaack's book provides a careful analysis of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the standard-setters under its umbrella, showing how government networks harness the power of public reputation to herd their members into compliance. ... continue reading

Two Sessions 2023: Reforming China’s Financial Governance

and | 22 March 2023
Blog, Monetary | Tags: China, Economic Growth, Financial Stability
Over the past years, China has reformed the governance of its financial system to better serve its development path. ... continue reading

Does Fintech Promote Entrepreneurship? Evidence from China

| 24 January 2023
Blog, Monetary | Tags: Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship, Fintech
Policy moves and public statements in recent years indicate that Beijing seeks to simultaneously support the growth of internet finance platforms and reign in anticompetitive practices and risky behavior. ... continue reading