Contributor: Peter Knaack

Financial Regulation and Supervision in China. Grappling with the Ups and Downs of the Property Market

and | 12 March 2024
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: China, Financial Supervision, Housing
China's economic landscape bears the distinct imprint of its real estate sector, serving as both an engine of growth and a focal point for financial risk. ... continue reading

Inclusive Green Finance: a New Agenda for Central Banks and Financial Supervisors

and | 23 June 2023
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Financial Inclusion, Green Finance
Through an integrated inclusive green finance (IGF) approach, central banks and financial supervisors can enable a just transition to an environmentally sustainable economy and avoid potential adverse effects on economically vulnerable groups. ... continue reading

Driving Digital Transformation – Lessons from Seven Developing Countries

, , and | 27 April 2023
Books | Tags: Development, Digital Economy
The book opens a window into the real, messy world of policy innovation, dialogue, consensus building, and implementation. ... continue reading

Global Financial Networked Governance – The Power of the Financial Stability Board and its Limits

| 27 March 2023
Books | Tags: Finance Stability, Governing Finance
Peter Knaack's book provides a careful analysis of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the standard-setters under its umbrella, showing how government networks harness the power of public reputation to herd their members into compliance. ... continue reading

Two Sessions 2023: Reforming China’s Financial Governance

and | 22 March 2023
Monetary, Blog | Tags: China, Economic Growth, Financial Stability
Over the past years, China has reformed the governance of its financial system to better serve its development path. ... continue reading