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ATI Regional Workshop on Tax Expenditures (Asia)

1-3 March 2023 | Manila, Philippines
The upcoming regional workshop on tax expenditures (by invitation only) will explore the estimation, reporting and evaluation of tax expenditures in Asian countries. The workshop will be hosted in Manila (Philippines) from 1 to 3 March 2023, and is co-organized by the Addis Tax Initiative ... continue reading

The Devil in the Detail? Eight Lessons from Tax Expenditure Reporting in Rwanda and Uganda

, and | 22 November 2022
Blog, Fiscal | Tags: Fiscal Policy, Tax Expenditures
Tax expenditures (TEs) are used widely around the world. Their role in the fiscal systems of low- and middle-income countries has recently attracted increased scrutiny. ... continue reading

ATI Regional Workshop on Tax Expenditures (East Africa) – Estimation, Reporting and Evaluation

18-19 October 2022 | Nairobi, Kenya
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With around 50 participants from 9 countries attending, the workshop proved the growing engagement of different stakeholders in the region concerning the topic of tax expenditures monitoring and reform. ... continue reading

Tax Expenditures and Female Labour Force Participation

, , , and | 4 October 2022
Fiscal, Policy Briefs | Tags: Employment, Fiscal Policy, Tax Expenditures
The gender gap in labour force participation (LFP) has been a long-standing issue worldwide. On average, female LFP is currently 25 percentage points below men’s. The impact of the COVID19 pandemic has widened the gap since women have been hit harder by the crisis.. The ... continue reading

First ATI Regional Workshop on Tax Expenditures (West Africa)

27-28 July 2022 | Lagos, Nigeria
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First in the series focused on West Africa, with around 70 participants from 18 countries attending, the First ATI Regional Workshop on Tax Expenditures held in Nigeria (Lagos, 27-28 July, 2022) provided insightful discussions and takeaways... ... continue reading