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Missing Dollars – Illicit Financial Flows from Commodity Trade

and | 19 June 2024
Fiscal, Monetary, Trade, Books | Tags: Commodities, Governing Finance, Tax Competition, Tax Expenditures
The book sheds new light on issues such as addressing push and pull factors through domestic and international policy measures, the preferences of key stakeholders for short-term fixes versus long-term policy reforms, and prescriptive approaches and other options to address tax base erosion in resource-rich ... continue reading

Monetary Policy and Climate Change – Distinguishing Between a Protective and a Proactive Agenda

| 4 June 2024
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Risks, Governing Finance
Central banks in many economies are striving to take account of climate change in their policies and operations. In this context, the important distinction between a protective agenda versus a proactive agenda is often blurred. ... continue reading

What Should Bank Supervisors Do About Climate Risks?

| 4 June 2024
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Risks, Financial Supervision, Governing Finance
This paper considers the role of bank supervisory authorities with respect to climate change. The emerging consensus is that financial supervisors and regulators must address climate-related risks to banks and other financial institutions. The paper discusses potentially productive avenues for doing that in the near ... continue reading

Building Climate Resilient Portfolios. The Case of the Bank of Japan’s Index-Linked ETF Holdings

and | 28 November 2023
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Asset Purchases, Central Banks, Climate Risks, Governing Finance, Japan
Climate risks are financial risks that must be accounted for across all central bank operations and invested asset classes. Like for any other financial institution, all assets that central banks own – e.g., equities, bonds, and asset-backed securities – are exposed to climate risks. ... continue reading

Global Financial Networked Governance – The Power of the Financial Stability Board and its Limits

| 27 March 2023
Books | Tags: Finance Stability, Governing Finance
Peter Knaack's book provides a careful analysis of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the standard-setters under its umbrella, showing how government networks harness the power of public reputation to herd their members into compliance. ... continue reading