Contributor: Joseph Feyertag

Aligning Sovereign Bond Markets with the Net Zero Transition: the Role of Central Banks

, , and | 14 March 2024
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Risks, Debt, Financial Supervision
Aligning sovereign bonds with net zero requires coordinated action by several stakeholders across the financial system. National governments are first in line to act but central banks have a unique opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. ... continue reading

Net Zero Central Banking in Africa’s Diverse Economies: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Options

, and | 29 November 2023
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Africa, Central Banks, Climate Risks, Financial Stability, Inequality
Africa’s economies are contending with a diverse set of challenges and opportunities in relation to building low-carbon, green economies and the transition to net zero emissions. Central banks can play a pivotal role in enabling the green transition in Africa. ... continue reading