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Financial Regulation and Supervision in Switzerland – Looking Ahead

22 May 2024 | Bern, Switzerland | By Invitation
Monetary, Roundtables | Tags: Financial Governance, Financial Stability, Financial Supervision
Prudential regulation and supervision are central to ensuring the resilience and strength of the financial sector. However, effective prudential regulation and supervision cannot be taken for granted... ... continue reading

Towards Macroprudential Frameworks for Managing Climate Risks

11 March 2024 | Online | 18h00 CET
Monetary, Panel | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Risks, Financial Stability, Macroprudential Policy
In collaboration with E-axes Forum, we co-hosted a panel on macroprudential frameworks for managing climate-related financial risks. ... continue reading

Net Zero Central Banking in Africa’s Diverse Economies: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Options

, and | 29 November 2023
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Africa, Central Banks, Climate Risks, Financial Stability, Inequality
Africa’s economies are contending with a diverse set of challenges and opportunities in relation to building low-carbon, green economies and the transition to net zero emissions. Central banks can play a pivotal role in enabling the green transition in Africa. ... continue reading

Climate-Related Systemic Risks and Macroprudential Policy

and | 9 August 2023
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Climate Risks, Financial Stability, Financial Supervision, Macroprudential Policy, Systemic Risks
Central banks and financial supervisors must rapidly develop sound risk management practices adapted to a context in which policy decisions rely on imperfect data and high uncertainty. ... continue reading

Two Sessions 2023: Reforming China’s Financial Governance

and | 22 March 2023
Monetary, Blog | Tags: China, Economic Growth, Financial Stability
Over the past years, China has reformed the governance of its financial system to better serve its development path. ... continue reading