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Driving Digital Transformation – Lessons from Seven Developing Countries

, , and | 27 April 2023
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The book opens a window into the real, messy world of policy innovation, dialogue, consensus building, and implementation. ... continue reading

The Dark Side of the Moon. Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis in Developing Economies

| 25 March 2020
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Besides China and Iran, the impact of the coronavirus has until now been most severe in advanced economies including France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain and the US. This is unlikely to remain so. As the virus continues its spread around the world it will ... continue reading

Multinational tax avoidance in developing countries

, and | 7 April 2016
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In recent years many global firms—including Starbucks, Google, and Amazon—have come under fire for avoiding paying taxes in one country by shifting their profits to a country with lower tax rates. ... continue reading

At Whose Service? Jobs and Services Trade in Developing Countries

| 17 November 2014
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Services-led Employment Growth? Creating jobs to match their ever increasing, relatively young labor forces is probably the biggest challenge that developing countries are facing in the medium term. Reducing unemployment is perhaps the most effective tool to achieve a wide range of development goals, such ... continue reading

Growth Escalators and Growth Convergence

| 5 September 2014
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This article was first published on VoxEU.org and is republished with permission. The literature on global growth convergence and divergence is vast and deep. And it is still evolving. Some have argued that global growth is actually diverging across countries. Pritchett (1977) called this “divergence, ... continue reading