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Bridging the Disconnects – From Diagnosis to Action in Addressing Climate-Related Financial Risks

| 29 October 2021
Monetary, Blog | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Risks, Financial Regulation, Macroprudential Policy
When the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) published its Report on Climate-Related Financial Risk last week, it triggered a wide range of reactions. Some praised it as a critical step in moving climate risks up the agenda amongst FSOC members such as the US Treasury, ... continue reading

Tax Expenditures in the Balkans: Time to Open the Black Box

| 28 October 2021
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Tax Expenditures, Tax Reform
The traditional way of thinking about government expenditure goes as follows: first, governments collect revenue (through taxes, borrowing, or other means such as fines and penalties) and then they spend that revenue through the budget process. However, governments can also choose to support different economic ... continue reading

Aligning Central Bank Refinancing Operations with the G20 Agenda

and | 6 October 2021
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Risk, G20, Targeted Refinancing Lines
Since the Pittsburgh Summit in 2009, G20 leaders have repeatedly highlighted inclusive growth and environmental protection as core objectives in their joint declarations. With the widening of economic inequalities and the acceleration of climate change and biodiversity loss, their calls for action have gained further ... continue reading

Social Tax Expenditures: The Case of Quebec

, , and | 5 October 2021
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Social Protection, Tax Expenditures
While the world is weathering the COVID-19 storm, the role of sound social protection systems has become even more crucial. Designing social protection expenditures that are fit for purpose and that contribute to coming back stronger while leaving no one behind is imperative. Public intervention ... continue reading