Balancing Export Pricing Commitments in FTAs: Towards Affordable, Secure, and Clean Energy

| 6 November 2023
Blog, Trade | Tags: Commodities, Critical Minerals, Energy, Export Restrictions, Global Value Chains, Renewables
The minerals, metals, and products necessary to build renewable energy systems face an increasing number of export restrictions. This has been fueling fears of further disruptive policies down the road. ... continue reading

Taming the Use of Tax Expenditures. Evidence From The Netherlands

| 1 November 2023
Blog, Fiscal | Tags: Tax Expenditures, The Netherlands
This summer, the Dutch finance ministry published a report on the effectiveness of the country's tax expenditures[1]. The verdict on the myriad of deductions, exemptions and further benefits channelled through the tax system was harsh. ... continue reading

New Blog Series: Tax Expenditure Policy Making and the Role of Parliaments

| 1 November 2023
Blog, Fiscal | Tags: GTED, GTETI, Tax Expenditures
Given the importance of the role of parliaments when it comes to tax expenditures policy making, CEP is launching a blog series to shed further light on this topic from multiple perspectives. ... continue reading

“First Time’s the Charm”: Lessons from Georgia’s Tax Expenditure Report

and | 3 October 2023
Blog, Fiscal | Tags: Georgia, Tax Expenditures
Georgia has recently published its first Tax Expenditure Report (TER). This blog highlights the key lessons derived from the tax expenditures reporting process in Georgia. ... continue reading

Differentiated Carbon Prices in the Electricity Sector: Towards a Cooperative Approach Based on Purchasing Power Parity

| 25 August 2023
Blog, Fiscal | Tags: Carbon Pricing, Energy, Renewables
One in five people lacks access to affordable and reliable power. Properly designed, differentiated carbon prices based on purchasing power parity exchange rates (PPPs) would be a giant step to delivering electricity that is more affordable, secure, and clean. ... continue reading