Technical Standards in Services and Trade Governance

| 8 May 2024
Trade, Blog | Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, International Standards, Services Trade, Trade Governance
Standards can potentially resolve the trade-off between regulatory certainty and space for innovation, provided they are recognized and accepted by law enforcement bodies. ... continue reading

Economic Policies for Affordable, Secure and Clean Energy. Insights from France

| 3 May 2024
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Decarbonization, Energy, Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Industrial Policy, Tax Expenditures
Successive French governments have reformed the country’s energy sector, with notable achievements in maintaining affordable access, ensuring supply security, and reducing carbon emissions. However, the energy crisis triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022-23 has underscored the imperative for a thorough revision of France's ... continue reading

A Step into the Right Direction: The India-EFTA Trade Agreement

| 1 May 2024
Trade, Blog | Tags: EFTA, Global Value Chains, India, Intellectual Property Rights, Trade Agreements
The new trade agreement between India and EFTA States includes commitments on an important yet often overlooked form of trade restrictions: local content requirements. ... continue reading

Governing AI for Humanity: Thoughts on the UN AI Advisory Body Interim Report

| 8 April 2024
Trade, Blog | Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Data Governance, Innovation
The awesome capabilities of AI applications have raised deep concerns about the future of work, democracy and even humanity itself - and a sense of urgency for establishing effective governance at all levels and use cases. ... continue reading

The Role of the Zambian Legislature in Tax Expenditure Policy

| 2 April 2024
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Tax Expenditures, Zambia
The Zambian Government annually presents the National Budget, including tax measures and some incentives, to the National Assembly. In addition to TEs granted through budget policy, other incentives are granted through various government institutions... ... continue reading