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Building Climate Resilient Portfolios. The Case of the Bank of Japan’s Index-Linked ETF Holdings

and | 28 November 2023
Monetary, Policy Briefs | Tags: Asset Purchases, Central Banks, Climate Risks, Governing Finance, Japan
Climate risks are financial risks that must be accounted for across all central bank operations and invested asset classes. Like for any other financial institution, all assets that central banks... continue reading

Evaluation of Tax Expenditures. Conceptual Frameworks and International Experiences

, and | 28 November 2023
Discussion Notes, Fiscal | Tags: GTED, Latin America, Tax Expenditures
This report provides an international overview of the state of tax expenditure evaluations, showing that it remains relatively underdeveloped, not only in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also across... continue reading

Advancing Electric Mobility: The Key Role of Fiscal Policy and Regulation

and | 14 November 2023
Fiscal, Policy Briefs | Tags: Decarbonization, Energy, Industrial Policy, Tax Expenditures
In combination with public transport as well as autonomous and shared mobility, mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is a tremendous opportunity to move toward an affordable, secure and clean... continue reading

Balancing Export Pricing Commitments in FTAs: Towards Affordable, Secure, and Clean Energy

| 6 November 2023
Blog, Trade | Tags: Commodities, Critical Minerals, Energy, Export Restrictions, Global Value Chains, Renewables
The minerals, metals, and products necessary to build renewable energy systems face an increasing number of export restrictions. This has been fueling fears of further disruptive policies down the road.... continue reading

ATI Follow-up Technical Meeting on Tax Expenditures (East Africa)

Upcoming: 6-8 December 2023 | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania | By Invitation
Fiscal, Workshops | Tags: Tax Expenditures
The Follow-up Technical Meeting on Tax Expenditures to be held in Tanzania will provide a platform to discuss the tools and methods required for tackling the more technical aspects of... continue reading