Let’s Find a Way to Get Tax Subsidies for Clean Energy Right

, and | 10 May 2023
Fiscal, Op-Eds | Tags: Energy, Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Tax Expenditures
Governments worldwide are finally providing substantial fiscal support to clean energy. This newfound enthusiasm is driven not only by the need to address climate change, but also by a desire to reduce dependence on volatile fossil fuel markets... ... continue reading

Tax Expenditure Scrutiny Can End Trillion-Dollar Political Game

, and | 19 January 2023
Fiscal, Op-Eds | Tags: Income Tax, Inequality, Tax Expenditures
Too often, government spending is understood only as cash payments to specific individuals or groups. However, targeted exemptions or reductions in taxes owed strain public coffers similarly to direct spending, though often with far less visibility. ... continue reading

The Return of China: Mostly Positive News for Vietnam

| 17 January 2023
Trade, Op-Eds | Tags: China, Covid-19, Trade, Vietnam
In light of China's reopening, many forecasters now see a strong V-shaped rebound from mid-2023, led by private consumption. ... continue reading

The Swiss National Bank Struggles to Manage Climate Risks

| 6 January 2023
Monetary, Op-Eds | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Risk, Financial Stability
In Europe and elsewhere, central banks are implementing measures to contain financial risks associated with climate change in their asset portfolios. The Swiss National Bank is not among the leaders in this area. ... continue reading

How the State Bank of Vietnam Deals With Climate Risks

and | 13 December 2022
Monetary, Op-Eds | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Risk
In Vietnam, the central bank has successfully supported economic growth. However, by doing that, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has also contributed – unintentionally – to fast-rising greenhouse gas emissions. ... continue reading