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Challenges and Opportunities for the Reform of Fossil Fuel Tax Expenditures in Developing and Emerging Economies

and | 13 July 2023
Fiscal, Discussion Notes | Tags: Energy, Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Tax Expenditures, Tax Reform
Most governments subsidize some fossil fuels, whether to increase domestic energy supply, support declining mining regions, or make fuels more affordable for industry, motor vehicles, or households. These subsidies can be problematic... ... continue reading

Let’s Find a Way to Get Tax Subsidies for Clean Energy Right

, and | 10 May 2023
Fiscal, Op-Eds | Tags: Energy, Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Tax Expenditures
Governments worldwide are finally providing substantial fiscal support to clean energy. This newfound enthusiasm is driven not only by the need to address climate change, but also by a desire to reduce dependence on volatile fossil fuel markets... ... continue reading

Trade Governance for the Energy Future: Five Key Pillars for International Cooperation

| 14 April 2023
Fiscal, Trade, Policy Briefs | Tags: Energy, Global Value Chains, Renewables
Building resilient and sustainable global value chains (GVCs) for the goods and services that underpin the energy transition is critical. ... continue reading

From Trilemma to Triple Dividend: Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy

| 29 March 2023
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Energy, Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Tax Expenditures
Governments seek to achieve simultaneously the three objectives of clean, affordable and secure energy. Some perceive them to be a daunting "Energy Trilemma" and call for energy security and affordability to be prioritised. ... continue reading

Inflation Reduction Act vs. Green Deal: Transatlantic Divergences on the Energy Transition

| 20 March 2023
Monetary, Trade, Blog | Tags: Decarbonization, Energy, Industrial Policy, Protectionism, Tax Expenditures
The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has caused significant transatlantic tensions since its signing by Joe Biden in August 2022. The White House aims to break with the country’s high levels of fossil fuel consumption and switch to clean energy - a change that Europeans ... continue reading