Tax Expenditures. The Big Black Box

| 20 July 2017
External, Fiscal | Tags: Tax Expenditures
Op-ed, Handelszeitung. CEP fellow Agustin Redonda zooms in on tax expenditures in Switzerland, and highlights the lack of transparency on what amounts to 21-25 billion CHF in revenue foregone for the Swiss federal government, i.e. a third of federal government revenues, due to tax exemptions, ... continue reading

Why Monetary Policy Should Go Green

| 19 May 2017
Blog, External, Monetary | Tags: Climate Change, Collateral Frameworks, Green Finance, QE
Guest Post, FT Alphaville. Monetary policy is rarely a topic in debates on green finance. It should. The €60bn that the European Central Bank is currently injecting into financial markets on a monthly basis are a case in point. Its intervention amounts to nearly three ... continue reading

Trade and Employment. An Overview

| 29 February 2016
Discussion Notes, External, Trade | Tags: Employment
The bulk of economic research on the impacts of trade has for a long time neglected aggregate effects on jobs. While research grants an important role of trade for employment, empirical studies often struggle to attribute employment outcomes to trade policies in the long run. ... continue reading