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How Much Revenue Does Kosovo Forgo Through Tax Expenditures? We don’t know!

| 21 April 2022
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The traditional way of thinking about how states finance projects is as follows: first, governments collect revenue (through taxes, borrowing, payments, and fines) and then this revenue is spent through the budget process. However, governments may choose to support various economic sectors, activities, or groups of ... continue reading

Is It Time to Rationalize Tax Expenditures?

, , and | 19 April 2022
Blog, Fiscal | Tags: Tax Expenditures, Tax Reform
As developing countries recover from the pandemic, they will need to bring their public finances to a more sustainable position, by streamlining public spending and strengthening the revenue base. The need to mobilize additional resources has been exacerbated by the recent economic turmoil triggered by ... continue reading

G7 Countries Must Urgently Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies

, and | 8 April 2022
Fiscal, Policy Briefs | Tags: Climate Change, Fossil Fuel Subsidies
The world’s governments have pledged to fight climate change, yet many still subsidize fossil fuels, the combustion of which increases GHG emissions. Phasing out these subsidies is thus vital to combating climate change. What this Policy Brief proposes is that G7 Governments reaffirm their commitment ... continue reading

The Global Tax Deal and Tax Incentives: What if the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease?

| 18 March 2022
Blog, Fiscal | Tags: Minimum Tax Rate, Tax Expenditures, Tax Incentives
The global tax deal reached in October 2021 is a milestone in international tax coordination. With 137 out of 141 jurisdictions in the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) now participating in the agreement, there is no doubt about its significance. ... continue reading

From Budgetary to Tax Expenditures: Tackling Social Protection in Quebec, Canada

, and | 7 January 2022
Discussion Notes, Fiscal | Tags: Social Protection, Tax Expenditures
In his 2018 article "Reimagining Social Protection" Michal Rutkowski, the World Bank's Global Director for Social Protection and Jobs, highlighted the need for new social protection systems that retain their original purpose of fighting poverty, helping households manage uncertainty, and ultimately sparking a more efficient ... continue reading