Tax Expenditures in West Africa: Key Learnings from the First Regional Workshop

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First in the series focused on West Africa, with around 70 participants from 18 countries attending, the First ATI Regional Workshop on Tax Expenditures held in Nigeria (Lagos, 27-28 July, 2022) provided insightful discussions and takeaways ... continue reading

ATI Regional Workshop on Tax Expenditures (East Africa) – Estimation, Reporting and Evaluation

18-19 October 2022 | Nairobi, Kenya
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By invitation Following the first ATI Regional Workshop on Tax Expenditures in West Africa held in Nigeria (Lagos, 27-28 July, 2022), the upcoming Workshop will take place in Kenya (Nairobi, 18-19 October 2022). This is the second event of a series, this time with a ... continue reading

Denmark’s Green Tax Reform: G20 Countries Should Take Notice

| 26 August 2022
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Despite mounting evidence of climate change, fossil fuels remain the major source of energy around the world. The quantity of fossil fuel consumed globally has tripled since the mid-1960s, with a corresponding rise in carbon emissions. This increase is projected to continue in 2022, reflecting ... continue reading

Trade and the Environment: Focus on the Goals!

| 12 August 2022
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Environmental concerns are moving up the trade policy agenda both in the WTO and regional trade agreements where countries discuss liberalizing trade in environmental goods and services. A first step is to agree on a definition of environmental goods and services. However, discussions have been ... continue reading

Tax Incentives and Corporate Taxation

| 19 July 2022
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Tax expenditures are benefits granted to specific sectors, activities or groups of taxpayers through preferential tax treatment; including exemptions, deductions, and lower tax rates. ... continue reading