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The Importance of Bringing the WTO Joint Initiative on E-commerce Over the Finishing Line

17 July 2024 | Online | 10.00-11.00 am (CET)
Trade, Webinar | Tags: Digital Economy, Services Trade, WTO
There is no doubt that global e-commerce and related cross-border data flows require governance to ensure cyber security and privacy. Interoperable rules and regulations across the globe would substantially ease... continue reading

Tax Expenditure Country Reports. Unveiling Tax Expenditures at the Country Level

and | 9 July 2024
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: GTED, GTETI, Tax Expenditures
As shown by the Global Tax Expenditures Transparency Index (GTETI) the quality and scope of TE reporting is highly heterogeneous across jurisdictions, which makes cross-country comparability even trickier. The new... continue reading

Tax Expenditures Country Report: The Netherlands

| 9 July 2024
Fiscal, Discussion Notes | Tags: GTED, GTETI, Tax Expenditures, The Netherlands
Tax expenditures (TEs) in the Netherlands represent a significant portion of government spending, amounting to 15% of GDP in 2022. These provisions include deviations from the standard tax base, rates,... continue reading

To Advance Trade Policy, Strengthen the Role of Parliaments

| 5 July 2024
Trade, Blog | Tags: Parliaments, Trade Agreements
In trade policy, parliaments generally play a lesser or even inexistent role. Strengthening their involvement can advance trade policymaking and help better align it with the public interest. This enhanced... continue reading

Missing Dollars – Illicit Financial Flows from Commodity Trade

and | 19 June 2024
Fiscal, Monetary, Trade, Books | Tags: Commodities, Governing Finance, Tax Competition, Tax Expenditures
The book sheds new light on issues such as addressing push and pull factors through domestic and international policy measures, the preferences of key stakeholders for short-term fixes versus long-term... continue reading

Energizing Peace: Economic Policies for Affordable, Secure and Clean Energy in Ukraine

and | 13 June 2024
Fiscal, Blog | Tags: Energy, Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Renewables, Ukraine
Ukraine has a vast and diverse renewable energy potential encompassing wind, solar, biomass, hydropower, and geothermal resources. With continued investment and development, Ukraine could significantly increase its renewable energy capacity... continue reading