Peter Dietsch, Full Professor, University of Montreal; Member of the board of the Centre de recherche en éthique (CRÉ), Montreal; Member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada; Canada
Peter Heller, former Deputy Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund; United States
Simon Evenett
, Professor, University of St. Gallen; Co-Director, Programme in International Trade and Regional Economics, Centre for Economic Policy Research; Switzerland
Stefan Kuhn, Partner, KPMG; Switzerland
Ujal Bhatia, Member of the Appellate Body, World Trade Organization (WTO); former ambassador of India to the WTO; India
William White, Chairman of the Economic and Development Review Committee, OECD; former Economic Adviser and Head of the Monetary and Economic Department, Bank for International Settlements; Switzerland


We mourn the death of Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor emeritus at IMD as well as Founder of the Evian Group who passed away in December 2017. Jean-Pierre was the first advisor to join us. Meeting him was always an inspiration – not only in terms of the breadth and depth of his knowledge that he so generously shared, but also the warmth with which he treated everybody around him. We miss him.